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Social Media Marketing Classroom Training

Social Media Marketing Training

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This course makes available an outline of the concept known as social media. This course explores the development, trends and tools that are assisting organizations to better connect with their audiences. Students will be immersed into a variety of social media platforms and services, and will become familiar with integrating social media tools with one another. Besides, students will learn a larger understanding of the impact and the wider implications of emerging social engagement tools upon organizations and the marketplace. Currently all Hyderabad Internet users check their Facebook account at least once a day… I think it’s safe to say we are addicted. With all this internet traffic going to social media channels there is a massive opportunity for brands to connect with their existing and potential customers in a real and genuine way. Is your brand is making the most of this opportunity? Let us help.

Social media strategists and online community managers are quickly becoming the face of brands across Hyderabad. Today's customers consistently go online to collect information, to interact with brands directly, to make purchases or to have a fun and memorable experience. Brands are urgently seeking ways to be there for their customers, to be relevant to their needs and to do that in a way that makes financial sense. These brands are seeking leaders and strategists who can help them plan and execute integrated social media plans. This course will offer hands-on understanding in content creation, social engagement, community management, reputation management and head prevention as well as require all students to set up and maintain an online presence across a variety of platforms. This program is an ideal addition to an undergraduate degree, a great asset for both profit or not-for-profit sectors, and a must for entrepreneurs planning to open a business in the future.

In the digital era, it is not enough to have a website to signify the work you do – your digital storefront spreads to social media marketing platforms, such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, and it is time for you to start capitalizing on it. If your company still does not have a Twitter account or a Facebook business page, it is time to get with the program and bring yourself up to speed. Taking this course is the first step in the right direction. Social media marketing provides you with essential knowledge and skills to launch your own digital marketing campaign. Having website content that drives conversions, a solid SEO foundation and a superior customer service are all important pieces of the digital puzzle. We will be exploring these topics in a more advanced form in this course. This way you will receive a complete package with all of the tools you need to develop and launch your very own digital marketing strategy. The Social Media Marketing course is open to all interested candidates. The demand for social media experts currently outweighs supply. We therefore encourage you to enroll today while spots are available. Although, if you are new to the industry, we recommend that you couple your registration with the Digital Marketing Fundamentals course.

What You’ll Learn In Social Media Marketing Training:

You will study the part of social media in marketing, how to progress a social media strategy that is tangled to a business objective, establish social ROI benchmarks and measurement tactics, create compelling content and how to get it in front of the right audience. Social media marketing course at SriG Systems covers both the owned and paid aspects of social media marketing.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing Training :

  • Hands-on industry experience
  • Learn to develop professional social marketing campaigns
  • Knowledgeable faculty with relevant experience
  • Gain valuable knowledge that reflects the most current practices

This course is intended to prepare a student for a career in social media marketing. At the end of this course, students will have the outfits required for the expansion and execution of a social media marketing campaign and will be able to demonstrate knowledge of management operations within the industry, including business law and business computer applications.

Social Media Marketing Training Course Duration: 20 days